Probation Officer #113: Sa’afia’s punishment night 8

I woke up. Sa’afia had rolled over so that she faced me, but she was a little further to her side of the bed. She wasn’t touching me. I needed to piss. I didn’t want to disturb her. I wondered if I could go back to sleep and piss when it was daylight. Then I stopped wondering: no. 

So I tried to remember where the toilet was. And what was on the bedroom floor between the bed and the door. Once I’d closed the door behind me, I could at least turn a passage light on. If I could find the switch. 

The change in my breathing, while I thought these things, stirred Sa’afia. She said, “Ah? Oh, falopa.” She said ‘falopa’ in the high, kind voice you use to entice a child, or a cat. She was pleased to find me in her bed. “Not morning, is it?” 

I kissed her, and said, “Not morning. Bladder.” 

Sa’afia said, “wha?” But she didn’t let go of the kiss. She scootched over to me so our bodies touched, and, while I reacted to her closeness, she put her right thigh on my hip. Her cunt, wet with me, and my cock, wet with her, were almost touching, and we knew it. The bladder issue went away. Maybe there are guys who can piss with an erection, but I’m not one of them. Anyway, I was thoroughly distracted.

I pushed her down and pushed into her in one movement. Sa’afia raised her legs and wrapped them round my waist. I thought we might be delicate with each other this time since it expressed some things I felt, and I thought she might like the change from our earlier sex. But when I paused for a second, buried deep in her, she made that grunting noise she’d made when I’d fucked her over her chair. She wasn’t looking for gentle. So we weren’t.

goodbedLater I padded down the corridor to the second door to the right in the corridor. I saw my face in the bathroom mirror. My hair was soaked with sweat, but try as I might I couldn’t make myself look haggard. For no good reason I laughed at myself, loud enough for Sa’afia to hear. She yelled, “Yo, come back to bed now, palagi!”

I’d realised that I’d have to smack her for that. And then I’d have to fuck her. But I obeyed. A bed with Sa’afia in it was a good place to be. It was odd, opening the door again, with Sa’afia in the darkness,having pushed the sheets off to show that she knew that a bed with her in it was the best place to be. I was happy. 

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