Probation Officer #112: Sa’afia’s punishment night 7

We cuddled under the covers. Eventually Sa’afia turned her back and jammed her ass  tight against me. My cock wet with her juices, her bottom hot with my … cruelty. But I was spent. 

I reached around her and took a breast in my hand. Sometimes I squeezed. 

snugI heard a sound from the pillow under her head, a tiny sound at the edge of my hearing. I leaned over. She was smiling. I kissed her ear and her jaw line, and dropped back, resting my head on the same pillow. I breathed air and strands of black hair. Her body smelled of cocoanut oil and spices, and her cunt smelled of sex. And of me. Her hair smelled of apple-scented shampoo. 

Sa’afia pressed her ass against me again, and made lazy fucking movements. She chuckled. “Good night,” I said.

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