Probation Officer #106: Sa’afia’s punishment night I

1  Sa’afia lay long and strong across my knee. She wasn’t being spanked. She expected to be, since she’d asked so sweetly to be punished. I couldn’t remember what it was that I was supposed to be punishing her for. It didn’t matter because I knew Sa’afia didn’t remember either, and she wasn’t going to ask me. Anyway, she’d expect that if she asked I’d be sure to punish her for forgetting.

She wasn’t a remotely silly or gullible person, but in that moment she believed that I knew everything important about what was happening, that I was in charge, and that all was well in the world because I cared for her and was just. 

She could feel that way because it was a sexy thing to think, and because she could rationally know that if I could help it I’d do nothing to shatter that faith.

squeezebox1Her ass was raised a little, not to much to invite the spanking she expected but because I had the lips of her cunt held firmly between my right thumb and forefinger. I had to hold and squeeze very hard, because she was very wet. She was getting wetter, demanding a tighter grip. Her buttocks trembled slightly, with the effort she put into being still.

She’d drawn in her breath and was still holding it because a few seconds ago I had twisted her lips hard to the right, as if they were a key, before relaxing back to vertical. She was expecting another twist. She was not wrong. 

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