Probation Officer #100: “Please punish me”

I put my hands on the bed now, so that my body was poised over her. My cock hovered, just about touching her cunt. It was a moment when nothing was at all unclear, but I wanted it to be noticed and celebrated. “You want to be fucked now, don’t you, girl?” 

I hoped that would would be a hard question for a modestly brought up girl to answer. It turned out not to be difficult at all. Though she didn’t use words, the little cheat. Just more of the sound she’d made while I spanked her. She stretched, underneath me, trying to raise her cunt, trying to touch my cock. 

please“But you remember I’m going to punish you first?” Sa’afia breathed and nodded. She didn’t mind being punished. It led to her getting fucked. And it seemed to be inexplicably good for its own sake. “Good. So ask me. Nicely.”


I smiled at her. “No.”

There was nothing either of us could do, in that mood and moment, that wasn’t sexy. I was curious about whether she would ask to be punished, or to be fucked. I said, ambiguously, “Not unless you ask me properly.”

Sa’afia shook her head. Talking was hard. “Please. Please punish me.” 

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