Governing the Gang Girl 4: Zerlina’s pink-velvet spanner

This is an episode of the book that became “Governing the Gang Girl 4: Cold Cream”.

I’ve had to remove it, because my publishers don’t need it to be available free on my site. I’ll put up a link to a page that will take you to your favoured on-line bookseller, or allow you to choose one.

“In this episode Jack, looking for Charmie, finds Zerlina in the kitchen, underdressed and making sure Jack knew it.

So Jack risks giving non-submissive Zerlina an order. She’s to wear nothing under her gown, to show solidarity with her sister, who will be naked by the end of her caning. Zerlina agrees, making his little heart sing.

Zerlina tells him Charmie is in Lynette’s room, persuading her that she’s happy doing what she wants, and that she’d be ok with Lynbette witnessing. So Jack goes off to Lynette’s room.

“This is beautifully written erotica, incredibly hot, about people who feel like real, three-dimensional people. Some of the BDSM events are harsh, but the atmosphere is always loving. JJ Mortimer turns human details and erotic details into pure steamy sexiness. Reading it is like being there, on a wonderful sensual ride!”

– Isadora Druse, reviewer.

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