Wicked Wednesday: What Monica really hates

Monica had said I should punish her for lying to me – in fact I’d told her to tell me a lie – by doing something to her that she’d hate. 

I said, “You know, this may never end. Because I’m going to ask you what you really hate, and then I’ll know that you’re lying again, and so I’ll have to punish you again.”

“You applied to be my Master. Too late to back out now. Anyway, I don’t mind if it goes on forever. I don’t think you do. Yeow!” 

That last sound was because I squeezed her nearest nipple, the left one, and then twisted. “I was looking for the Off Switch.”

“That isn’t it, Master. It seems to be a bit of an On.”

“I’ll try to remember that. Anyway, what it that you’ll really hate?”

“Well, I think you should put me over your knee, and spank me just with your hand, because that feels more personal. So, better punishing. And I bet that if you spanked me till I came, that would be sooo humiliating! It’d just show me what a disgraceful slut I am.”

“You think you’d come, just from being spanked?”

“You can stroke me a little bit, iff you feel like it. But yes, I think, yes, I reckon I can.” 

“And that would punish you?”

“Oh, it’s a spanking! That’s a punishment! And that orgasm: so humiliating! I’d be so sorry!. And then … “

“‘But wait there’s more’? You’re going to say having your cunt licked is very punishing too?”

“No. Your cock in my little, not quite so virgin, arse. I admit I liked that the first time. But I’m sure I’ll hate the second time. We’ll just have to see, won’t we?”

“Yes, you need whipping, is what you need. But…” I thought about it, keeping her in suspense. This was a gratuitous piece of topping from the bottom, but I’ve never really cared about that if it’s fun. If the sub goes too far, it’s easy to deal with. And this promised to be fun.

At last I nodded. “All right, little pipi. Get over my knee.” 

Monica knelt beside me, bobbed down to kiss my cock, then further to take me in her mouth, then launched herself forward so she was in place, her bottom the perfect target. 

She was already red, from over a hundred smacks, some from my belt and some from her wooden spoon.

I was about to make her a solid, blazing crimson. Yes, spanking her till she came, if she could, wasn’t exactly punishment, but it certainly made an interesting project. I put my hand on her delicious bottom, and squeezed.


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