Sinful Sunday: A nice place to wait

A submissive woman gets to do a lot of waiting. It may as well be in a pretty place. 

It was just before six in the morning, so there was bright light, but no neighbours around to hear if a girl cries out. I’d spanked her good morning, but the idea of taking the paddle-testing part outside seemed to occur to both of us. 

Because I’d just made a wooden paddle, and obviously it had to be tested. To see how it worked as an instrument of pleasure, for those who like a heated, impacted bottom (which, from our different perspectives, was both of us), and how it might work if I had to use it on her in discipline. 

The paddle passed, triumphantly. It was, in every possible way, hot. I’m not a very woodwork kind of Master, but it seemed I could make a good paddle. 

But before the action begins, there’s always a wait. Time to feel humiliated, and just a little nervous about the chance of an early-morning neighbour encounteri9ng a naked, brightly spanked girl, obviously in position to take more, and wondering if the people on the far side of the valley will hear the impacts and her vocal responses. 

Her Master, meantime, is watching, enjoying the pause and the beauty of the morning, and the beauty of Arethusa. 

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