Wicked Wednesday: The shoplifter’s mother and the strap 4

I said, “Maddie’s quite right. You do have beautiful breasts.”

And I raised the strap while Claire watched me like a mouse watches a snake, and brought it down on her right palm. She hissed in a breath, and then stood there, feet slightly apart, not reacting. As though it hadn’t hurt, which it clearly had. I admired her self-discipline. She said, “Thank you, sir.”

“Good girl. Brave girl. Hold your left hand out now, Claire. The penalty stroke will be the last one, so long as you behave.”

Claire offered her palm. Her breasts trembled and there was a muscle all a-tremor in her belly, and her slightly plump thighs shook. Fear, I guessed, and excitement. She would need my cock – anyone’s cock, in a sense, but mine at this moment – seconds after I’d finished her caning.

I looked her in her eyes, and she stared back at me. She knew what she was asking from me, the unspoken things, and she knew she was going to get them. She had had a long sexual drought, and it was bout to break. Eventually, though the moment between us was very deep, and utterly serious, I smiled, and she did too, with relief.

I swung the strap down, hard, and it smacked on her hand, which she kept in place. This time she made the pain faces, hissing in her breath, without closing her eyes. She gazed at me while the pain sank in, and eventually said, “Thank you, sir.”

I said, as courteously and ceremonially as I could, “Thank you, Claire. Your strapping is over.”


“Thank you, sir.”

“From now on, Claire, you listen carefully to the orders I give you, and you obey them. Obey them quickly. But we’re done with that now. You can put your hands at your sides.”

“Sir. Thank you sir.” Claire relaxed, putting her weight on her right leg and bending the other slightly, like a Greek sculpture.

“Take your panties off, Claire.”

“Yes, sir.” She reached her poor strapped hands down, to tuck her thumbs under the hems of her panties, and shucked them swiftly down to her knees. She put her feet closer together so the panties fell to the floor, and then bent forward, breasts swinging, to pick them up. They joined the rest of her clothes on the chair.

I put the strap on the desk, so she knew it wasn’t necessarily gone. She could still feel it again if she disobeyed. But I said, “Good girl. Oh, and Maddie, that will be all.”

Maddie nodded, whispered a “Thank you, sir” at me, and left.

Claire waited, beautiful, naked, knees trembling slightly, about to be caned. She’d begged for the cane, but now it was coming it was still fearsome.

I held my arms out to her. “Come here.”

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