Wicked Wednesday: The shoplifter’s mother and the strap 2

I raised the strap over my shoulder, and then swung it down, so it impacted on Claire’s proffered palm, with a loud crack.

“Jesus!” Claire gasped, and gripped her sore right hand in her left, then shook it.

“We’re going to have that stroke over, Claire.”

Her face fell.

“And this time, when I’ve strapped your hand, you hold it in place. Keep your palm upwards, and don’t take your hand away again. That’s a warning. Can you do that?”

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry sir.”

I raised the strap again. Claire suddenly said, “Thank you, sir. Even if I messed it up. Thank you, sir.”

“That’s better.” I swung the strap down again, landing firmly across that right palm. Claire shut her eyes tight and pulled faces, unhappy, painful faces, but she made no protest and her hand stayed held out for me, in place. She took three deep breaths and said, “Thank you, sir.”

“Good. Other hand. Hold it steady.”

Claire held her left arm straight out, her palm flat and uppermost. She gazed into my eyes. I swung the strap down, on her left hand. After the ringing impact she shook her head but managed to keep her palm out. “Oooh. Ow! Oh! Fuck! Thank you sir!”

I smiled at her. “Keep that left hand in place, girl. But you’re doing well, Claire. When were you last punished?”

“At school, sir. My husband … he thought of it as punishing me, but he wouldn’t do it like that. I like authority, like you’re giving me, but he didn’t understand how it works. He’d never be fair. Not careful like this. And certainly not when I wanted. He’d just hit me. With his fists.”

I shook my head. “Claire, we’ll talk about this.” She nodded. “Skirt now. Off!”

She’d already undone the clasp. Now she unzipped and stepped out of it. She wore pantyhose underneath, and below them panties, with a black and silver pattern. I said, “”Pantyhose, too.”

Claire smiled. I supposed she hadn’t stripped for a man since her husband’s friend. She tugged the hose down over her bottom and hips, and then slid them down her thighs, bunching them below her knees, and then pulling them off by the feet. She stood facing me in just her panties, her hands – no doubt very hot and sore – at her sides.

2 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: The shoplifter’s mother and the strap 2

  1. I agree. Never do this to children!

    Between dom and sub it’s different. I like it because it’s so very basic. The sub has to stand there, cooperating in their own punishment, in a way that’s much harder than just staying in place if you’re bent over a chair or the dom’s knee or whatever. Keeping your hand out takes real submission to someone else’s will.

    And then there’s the eye contact. It becomes very, very personal.

    So it’s hot, IMO, because of those aspects. It’s really hard for a submissive to keep there hand in place, and when I’m requiring it as dom, I really know that and feel it. I think I get off on the submission the sub is showing, more than the fact of the pain.

    In this case, it’s punishment that the character, Claire, has chosen to undergo, so, as always, the headmaster figure is giving her what she wants. Cruel to be kind, that man.

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