Friday Flash: Unwound

Carola had just told James Cerise, owner and director of Cerice Corp, to stick his job up his arse and fuck himself with it. Then she’d slapped the lecherous old gargoyle’s face, and taken the lift to the ground floor. But on the ground she saw young Frank Cerise clear security. She smiled radiantly at him and waved him over.

His face cleared. He knew his father’s secretary, and his eyes followed her like Mary’s lamb whenever they were in the same room. She’d never invited him to anything before. So he smiled and came over. 

Frank joined her. “Hi, Carola. How’s Dad?”

She kissed him passionately. “Shut up.”

He said, “Whuh?’ Carola took a thin strip from her purse.

“Hands out. Wrists together!”

He looked at her, frowning in disbelief.

She slapped him, not quite as she’d hit his father. “As you’re TOLD!”

“My god.” He held out his arms, and Carola quickly wound the plastic round his wrists, ending with a graceless but effective tie. She used her card to take the lift back up to his father’s floor, where it opened directly into his office. She was in luck; it hadn’t yet been cancelled.

“No gods involved. Now fuck me.” Carola pulled her skirt up and bent over, shoving her ass against his quickly stiffening cock.

He said, “Yes. Mistress?” There was a questioning tone to that last word.

Carola straightened, turned and slapped him again. “Mistress. You should know that.” She undid his pants, letting his cock free. She turned and bent again, and guided it between soft firm thighs.

He grunted with pleasure. “Oh, Mistress.”

She took his wallet and used his security card to stop the lift between floors. She dropped the wallet on the floor, but tucked his card into her bra. She didn’t want him to have it. Frank was rutting against her ass, trying to get his cock inside.

Carola stood. “No, boy. On second thoughts, get down on your knees. Get your tongue out for me.”

“Yes, Mistress.” When he was in place she used another thin strip to tie two of his belt loops to his shoelaces, so he couldn’t rise.

His cock poked out between the tails of his shirt. 

He was about  learn something about fantasies. Carola re-started the lift and sent it up to the next floor. She stepped out quickly, allowing it to continue its journey, up to James Cerise’s office. 


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