Wicked Wednesday: Stay the night

Maddie had just asked for permission to come. Ordinarily I like to make her wait. I like her to feel the full meaning of the fact that her orgasm was under my control and not hers, and that sometimes I was prepared to be cruel.

But Maddie sat, knees high and wide, where Jennifer had been bending while I had punished her, and I was buried deep in her cunt, holding her arse tight, enjoying the fact that the position was a little awkward for her. 

I said, “No!” Just to remind her of her place. And then, only about thirty seconds later, “Yes, girl. Come for Master, now. Now!”

Maddie wailed, gasping for air, only a few seconds later, and her cunt seemed to tighten on my cock, something she used to do deliberately but that now just happened. The pleasure of it, and her enthusiasm, were too much to resist, and  her vocal noises were joined by my own.

She warbled, soprano, while I growled, baritone, making my own, lower-pitched, gruntier orgasm noises.

We held on to each other and rode that wave, eyes closed, until we were over, and only gasping. Our fuck had lasted, I estimated, a magnificent, frenzied two minutes, perhaps a little less. 

Eventually, Maddie put her hand in my hair and looked into my eyes. “I think I need to go, Master.”

I said, “After that? I don’t think I’m finished with you, Maddie girl.”

“I’m glad to hear it. But I mean I need a piss. I really have to go. Now. And… can you wait an hour? I’ve got to get clothes for tomorrow, but I’d like to come to your place tonight. Stay the night with my yummy Master in his bed. I hope you might tie me up, whip me and fuck me. A lot. I might even feed you dinner. Well, I would if you untied me for long enough.”

“I’ll feed you.”


I whacked her arse, of course. “That’s not a euphemism! I mean I’ll make dinner. But the rest of your program sounds, um, very sensible.”

Maddie squeezed back into her dress. Like most things she wore, it was tight and white. She left her panties on the floor. Perhaps she was looking for trouble.

I stood up, still naked, and she kissed me. “Gotta go, gotta go. But I’ll see you soon!”

She was out the door before I had my shirt over my shoulders. I picked up her panties and shoved them in the pocket of my jacket. Perhaps she was in trouble for that. Anyway, when she turned up at my door, we both knew she’d be in trouble for something.

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    • Oh, I agree!

      But some girls still want to be spanked for it. And a right-thinking man, if that wish is directed at him, will oblige.

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