Masturbation Monday: Slow and fat-cocked, taking his time

Philip said, “Good girls, both of you. Jayavardhini, I want you to roll over, onto your back, please. And Chetana, I think she’d like to be kissed a lot, by you, while I fuck her.”

Jayavardhini turned, making sure she was still partly lying on Chetana, her head resting between her breasts, and her thighs held by Chetana’s.

She said, “This is true. I don’t seem to have any limit, for being kissed.”

Philip rolled out from under Chetana’s legs. He supported himself on hands and knees about Jayavardhini, cock pointing at her cunt. Jayavardhini reached down and squeezed it in her hand. “That’s a very sincere cock.”

Philip gasped when she touched him, then smiled at her. “Sincere and single minded. You need fucking, by me. Right now. Chetana, while I fuck her, I think she’d like you to stroke her tits, and sometimes to pinch her nipples. A lot harder than you usually do.”

Jayavardhini leaned forward and kissed his cock, taking it inturned her head to kiss the inner slope of Chetana’s left breast. “This is true, too.”

Philip placed his knees between Jayavardhini’s thighs. She felt his cock pressing at her cunt, though he didn’t push forward.

His arms, holding him above her and Chetana, shook slightly as he held himself back. His face was utterly serious, utterly focussed. He lowered his head and kissed her, and when she responded hungrily he pressed forward just a little. She was ready for him. She had been since she started to pleasure Chetana and, since he’d held her over his lap, he was in a position to know that.

Chetana leaned forward and joined their kiss. Their eyes met, each of them amused by the other two and delighted to be together.

Chetana said, “Jayavardhini, you be nice to my man. Philip, you be nice to my girlfriend. Starting, oh, now, I think.”

Philip said nothing. But he pressed forward, entering slowly, sensually, while Jayavardhini’s cunt welcomed him.

She gasped, and put her hands on his shoulders. She savoured his entry, slow and fat-cocked, taking his time. Taking her time. She kissed his neck. 


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