Wicked Wednesday: She Will Have her Way

I’d just threatened Jennifer with multiple naked, public canings, if she came before her slippering had finished.

Maddie said, “He would, too.” She was lying. So was I. But I wanted Jennifer to try her hardest.

At last, dangerously late but not too late, I withdrew my finger from her perfect pussy, getting a loud, involuntary moan of protest from Jennifer. I picked up the slipper.

“All right Jennifer. You’re having fun. But this is still punishment. You’re going to get the remaining twelve for making a display of yourself, and another six for questioning an order. It is going to hurt you, girl. It’s meant to teach you. Not just your mind; I want you to have a body memory of this.”

“Oh sir. I know I’m going to feel it, a little warning from my bottom if I even thought of being bad.”

“And yet, you’ll be back here again. Always. But never think you’re standing still. The standards for you will rise, as you learn better behavior. But I don’t think you’d ever want to be completely good, would you?”

There was silence, then she said, very quietly, “No, sir. If that’s all right with you.”

“I think that’s very all right with me.”

Jennifer raised her hips a little from the desk, so her pussy pointed directly at me. “Will you please, sir, slipper me hard and mercilessly. Oh, I’ve forgotten the words, but you know what I mean.”

 I did indeed, and my admiration for Jennifer just then had no bounds. I looked at Maddie, who knew what I must be feeling. I said, “Maddie, you make sure you hold her tight.”

“Yes, Master.” She made no attempt to correct herself to ‘Mr Beecham’. She judged that Jennifer had heard her earlier slip and made the correct inference. She looked happier, now she’d said it openly, and shared her status with Jennifer. Maddie had ways of getting what she wanted.


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