Wicked Wednesday: Last chance to back out

“Maddie,” I said, as though I was displeased with her, and she became subdued.

“Yes, Master?”

“Fetch the cane. Not the senior cane. The medium. And at the moment, it’s for Claire and not you. Though that can change.”

“Yes, sir.” And Maddie turned away.

“Come here, Claire.”

“Sir?” She stood in front of me, her face – like her ass – still a little pink from Maddie’s semi-comic but eventually effective attempt at discipline. All of us had found it powerfully erotic, though, including Claire.

“Hands on head, Claire.” When she obeyed I raised my hands to her breasts, lifting lightly, simply for my pleasure, and perhaps hers. “I’m going to take these clamps off before I cane you. It’ll hurt a bit when the blood returns to your nipples, but it won’t hurt you too much. Maddie knows better than to put them on tight.”

Claire nodded, face scarlet, while I carefully disengaged the clamps. I dropped them in my pocket, and put my arms round her. She held up her face to be kissed, and my mouth touched softly against hers. Then we opened our mouths at the same instant, and the kiss became passionate. 

I put my hands on her ass and smacked her, not gently, and did what I could to distract her from the ache in her nipples. Eventually I drew back and looked at her. “Better? Are you ok?”

Claire put her hands to her breasts, and rubbed briefly. Then she nodded. “Yes, sir. My nipples are still, well, a bit hurty. But I feel very looked after.”

I dipped my head and held her breasts in my hands again, and kissed each erect and rubbery nipple, softly and reverently, in turn. Claire moaned. “Oh, that’s good. Thank you, sir.”  

“You know that I’m going to cane you very hard, don’t you? You’ll scream. Your ass will look like a tomato, and you won’t be able to sit down for days. You understand?”

“Yes, sir. Of course.”

“This is your last chance to back out. You can retreat now. But if you choose to continue, you won’t be allowed any more decisions. Not for a long time. So: retreat?” 

“No, sir. I’ve asked for this. I want it. I definitely need it.”

I looked into her eyes. I said, “When we’re finished here, I’m going to take you home and fuck you till we’re both exhausted. Then we’re going to rest and eat and I’m going to fuck you some more.”

Claire smiled. “Yes please. Um, sir.”

Maddie waited politely beside us, with the cane held out for me. I took it from her, and swished it the air, once, twice. Claire stared at me, and swallowed. Her real punishment was about to begin. She looked suddenly nervous.

But it was important that her mood, and the atmosphere, changed now. Claire’s caning had to be memorable, and hard enough for her to consider she’d been properly punished and could forgive herself. I held the cane below her mouth, so she had to lower her head to kiss it.  


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