Wicked Wednesday! Juniper’s Adventures 47

This is episode 8 of Jennifer’s Pleats and Pleas 4: Holding Hands Across the Desk.

In this episode, Will Beecham tidies the stockroom after Maddie has left. He returns to his office, and gets a phone call from a parent, Mrs Claire O’Connor, to say she thinks her daughter Tara is shoplifting. Will says if this is true, then Tara will be punished in front of the whole school.

Mrs O’Connor agrees, and says she will bring in the bag of shoplifted goos the following afternoon.


“This is a-grade erotica in a traditional style and setting, but told by an author with an eye for the telling erotic detail. And character details. These are three-dimensional people. I loved it!” – V Sevigne, reviewer.


But I’ve had to cut the text, though. This is to be published and my publishers don’t want free competition from my site. I’ll shortly insert a link to where you can buy this fine and erotic book at your favourite e-book seller. 



8 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday! Juniper’s Adventures 47

    • Well, tune in next week. She will definitely expel her breath.

      The photos are incredibly difficult to find. Locating something that doesn’t look to porny/posed can take nearly as long as writing the text, sometimes.

      So thank you!

    • More cane this time next week! But Maddie won’t suffer any more than she can not just bear but eroticise.

      She deserves happy endings, and I think she has several coming.

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