Wicked Wednesday: Jennifer learns about Maddie

Note re Wicked Wednesday prompt: If I ran an erotic site, it would feature content a little like… this.


That afternoon Maddie had discussed what would happen when Jennifer arrived after school, for the second half of her slipper spanking. I told Maddie that when Jennifer arrived she was to bring the girl in, and remain in the room to provide assistance.

“Like, holding her down while you give her the slipper?”

“Yes. Also, I think it’s time she knew that she’s not the only girl who gets in trouble here. And maybe it’s time we made it clear that we’re not just headmaster and secretary.”

“So, I call you Master in front of her, and you threaten me with the slipper too? Or even give me me some while she’s there?”

“You won’t call me Master in her hearing. It’s too soon for that, I think. And I won’t punish you in front of her, unless you misbehave.”

Maddie smiled. I’d removed an important part of her privileged status. It was possible for her to be punished while Jennifer watched. 

“But I hope you’ll behave yourself, Maddie, so I don’t have to. But you might tell her you get the slipper or the cane too, when you misbehave. I think that’d help her, if she can feel that there’s someone else who knows what she’s going through. And that she can talk about things with you.” 

Things. Did you mean feelings? Master.” Her voice was so innocent.

“Careful, Maddie. But yes, Jennifer’s going through experiences she hasn’t had before, and of course she’ll be confused about her response to it. It’d be nice for her, I think, if she’s got someone to talk to, about her feelings.” 

“Does she get to find out that you fuck me, every time you’ve dealt with her, the moment she’s out the door?” 

I thought. Part of me resisted the idea. But Jennifer’s responses to her own submission were obviously and beautifully sexual. She should know that those rewards were there ahead of her, waiting. When the time was right. I nodded at last. “Yes, she can learn that.” 

“Wise Master.” Maddie kissed my nose, and caught a solid swipe with my hand on her bottom as she skipped out of the room. School would end in about twenty minutes. In about twenty-five minutes Jennifer would be in Maddie’s reception, waiting to be taken through to my office to be punished.

Jennifer was on time. Maddie opened the door and ushered her through into my room. Jennifer stepped inside, aware of Maddie following her. She smiled at me, wanly. She’d have rushed me and kissed me, if Maddie hadn’t been with her. But she wasn’t sure what she could do or say, in front of a third party.

“Hello, Jennifer.”

“Hello, sir.” She was almost sullen. She didn’t want Maddie here. I smiled at her, and beckoned with my finger. She came warily closer, and stood up straight, in front of me.

I laughed. “Oh, don’t be a silly girl. The slipper is your problem for today. Maddie really isn’t.” Jennifer didn’t look at all convinced of that. I smacked her bottom, and kissed her.

She lost her resistance in three stages: first, submitting to be kissed, then, a few seconds later, relaxing and enjoying being kissed, and after about twenty seconds she put her arms round me and kissed me back.   

At last I pushed her back a step. She looked happier and her mischief was back.

“How’s your bottom?” I asked.

“You’re going to see for yourself in a moment, sir!”

“Maddie, could you fetch a ruler from the cupboard, please?”

“Yes, Mr Beecham.” 

“Jennifer, I asked you a question. I meant, how does your bottom feel? Is it still sore?”

“Yes, it is, sir. And it is hard to sit down still. But… it’s not as bad as it was yesterday. Or as it’s going to be after this.”

I held her again, and she nuzzled, then kissed my neck. I said, “Thank you, Maddie. Could you lift Jennifer’s skirt at the back, please? Good, hold it there. And you can take her panties down to her knees, now.” Jennifer shook a little, as her panties slid down and her bottom was bared. She hadn’t been prepared for punishment by anyone but me.

I held Jennifer and looked at her while I spoke. “Now, Maddie, you’ll give Jennifer three smacks on her bottom with the ruler.”

Maddie smiled at me. She was always submissive with me, but I knew she sometimes enjoyed the other role.

She took the ruler from the desk, looked at Jennifer’s paled, shocked face for a moment, and smiled brightly at her. She stood behind Jennifer and drew her arm back. I said, “Just a moment, Maddie.”

I kissed Jennifer again. “Why are you about to get a tiny little spanking?”

“Because you asked me how my bottom was, and I was cheeky, sir.”

“So you deserve it, don’t you?” 

Jennifer frowned. She hadn’t expected or wanted to be spanked by someone else. But at least I was holding her. She looked down. “Yes, sir.”

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