Running a Munch for Preverts

I organise a munch for perverts in my mountains. It’s just for people to meet and chat.

I got a message after yesterday’s Munch, the sender asking me if it was a great party and if I’d got any sex. Which suggests that if he ever does get to one off my munches, or anyone else’s, he’s in for mild disappointment.

I guess he was thinking a munch is something like
<– this.

Anyway, it came to about eight hours work. A couple of hours to tidy the space and provide food and wine.

Then I chatted with two guys who turned up more or less on time. They left after a couple of hours, and I went and did other things.

A woman turned up about three hours after start time, so I was back in host mode. We chatted very pleasantly for 90 minutes or so, and I could say with complete sincerity that it was nice to meet her. Then she left. 

I thought I was done, but another woman turned up shortly after the first one had gone. And she was nice too, and we chatted away very happily. 

But five people came to that munch, counting me, but there were never more than three people in the room at a time. So in the end I was performing hostly duties for about seven hours. Which is not a whinge, though I do wish everyone had come a little closer to the advertised time. It’s more about it having been a surprisingly tiring day. 

But, at its hottest, a munch is more like <— this…

This is just a slice of life thing. That was my day, working as a humble servant of the bdsm community.

Fortunately, (it’s probably a good thing in a dom) I am immensely patient.




2 thoughts on “Running a Munch for Preverts

  1. There is nothing worse than people that are tardy. It is not hard to do what you need to do and do that and arrive on time. I find it all very rude. Tell me a time and I will arrive on time. Maybe I am just old fashioned.

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