Wicked Wednesday: Is she crying yet?

I didn’t admit any warmth or affection in my voice. Jennifer was to feel punished, before she was allowed other feelings.

I said, “Jennifer, that’s your first six for today. It’s punishment and a lesson. It’s very unwise to flash your pussy at the boys. It leads to trouble among them, and to trouble for you. I’m sure you knew that.”

There was a snuffle. “Yes, sir. I did know it was wrong.”

“So you deserve to be punished, and you need the lesson. This is to make sure your body warns you against it, if you ever even think of doing something that silly again. Is that clear?”

Jennifer coughed, twice, before trying to speak, and her voice was still small, shamed and shaky. “Yes, sir. That is so clear. God, I’ll never…” She shook her head.

That was good enough. I said, “And you’re being a good, brave girl. I’m proud of you.”

Jennifer sobbed again, relieved, then quickly controlled herself. “Thank you, sir.”

“You’ve got another six, Jennifer, for your indecent behaviour. Then you have the penalty six for questioning an order. So you’re a third of the way through. Head down, now girl. And keep your legs parted. You’re about to find out why.”

Jennifer froze for a second. She wanted to ask what I meant. But she decided better, and lowered her head again. I said, “Maddie, is she crying yet?”

“No, Master. Her eyes are wet, but she hasn’t spilled tears yet.”

I smiled, and patted Jennifer fondly on the bottom. She moaned, not with pain, and raised her hips a little further, seeking my touch. I picked up the slipper and moved to her left side.

I took her knee and pulled it a little further to the left, so she was utterly exposed. Her pussy was swollen, lips soft, and damp.

“Brace yourself, girl.”

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