Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 9

Seamus took the peanut oil from her gravely.

“Now, Asuka, I’m not finished with you. Turn round and bend over again. You’ve still got eight strokes of the cane coming to you. You’ll get them before I take you to bed. But there’s another little matter I need to deal with first.”

“”Yes, sir.” She wiggled as much as she dared, once she had her back to him.

She seemed confident, on reasonable grounds, that he admired her ass. Perhaps he admired it even more now it was marked, for the first time, by the cane. Then she bent over, reaching down to touch her toes.

“Good girl. Feet apart a little more, Asuka.” She shuffled obediently. But he smacked the inside of her right thigh and said, “Further.”

Asuka obeyed, seeming less puzzled. She’d have expected that he would want to have her, afterwards. But she made an interrogative noise when he lubricated his forefinger and pressed against her little asshole. Then there was realization, and she said something like, “Whoo.” In wonder.

Seamus pressed his forefinger into her, to the first knuckle, then less slowly to the second. He twisted his finger inside her tight, clinging orifice, and then withdrew, to put more lubricant on his finger. Asuka held herself very still. Her face, upside down between her knees, was wide-eyed, mouth open. He smiled at her, and smacked her left buttock, then her right, with his hand, and then lubricated two fingers.

He continued until Asuka was well lubricated and anyway better relaxed, so he could slide two fingers, then three, easily inside her. He said, “I’m going to fuck you there, Asuka. It may hurt you a bit. Like the very first time you fucked, perhaps. That sort of pain doesn’t matter; it’ll get better. But if it really hurts, hurts too much, you’re to tell me at once. Is that understood, Asuka?”

“Hai, sensei.” He was sensei again. He supposed it was sexier, to be buggered by your sensei. He assumed this was a virginity, about to fall to the lightest, slightest siege possible.


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