Sinful Sunday: What you see, what you get

When you’re taking a photo, and especially when you have your mind on other matters you may also be engaged in, you’re like Van Gogh. In one sense, anyway: you don’t see the clutter. 

With this photo, I’d want very much to lose all that stuff on the bedside drawers, and that power point visible in the mirror, under the bed. 

But at the time I was entirely too focussed on the lovely Zoë. So here’s the pic without all the editing I’d like to do with it. I bet you don’t really notice the clutter either!

By the way that implement, the leather swat, was made in Oxford and given me by Zoë. She could see at once that it could have a higher purpose than swatting flies. (Though at Oxford even the flies are kinky, and wear tiny leather vests.) 


6 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: What you see, what you get

    • I don’t think that the flyswatter was actually made in Oxford, and it was definitely not sold to be used this way. It’s just a little pervertable that I picked up at an understated, retro sort of housewares shop.

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