Vampire girl #16

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Diane had set me a challenge. But there’s a limit to how alarming a naked girl can look in a park, even with blood-red lippy and lots of mascara. So I smiled. “So, is there a bad girl in this park?” 

“What would you do about it, if there was?” 

“You’ll have to come here to find out.”

So this was ritual. Even she knew this game. “Um … I’m not sure I should.” 

“Diane.” Now I used the command voice. “Come here. Now.” 

And she took two steps forward before she thought and stopped. She frowned, hesitated. 

“Come here. Girl. Now.” And then she was in front of me, hands at her sides, waiting. I put my hand on her cheek, and pushed my thumb into her mouth. She sucked, warmly. She was breathing hard. And holding her tummy in. She hoped she looked sexy. Of course she did. 

“Little vampire girl, you like doing as you’re told. So you should do as you’re told. Shouldn’t you?”

Diane was still sucking, licking up and down the soft skin between my thumb and the palm of my hand. “Mmmm?” 

“So you have to learn not to disobey me. It wastes my time. And yours.”

Diane bit very gently on my thumb, and then licked it better. “Mmmmm.”

“That’s why I’m going to punish you.”


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