The tawse tale #1

This is part of the excellent, steamy, funny and insightful novel “The Tale of the Tawse”

Because that novel’s about to be published, the early drafts have to come off the net. Publishers don’t like competition from free providers.

Once it’s published, the address for buying this will be uploaded here.

2 thoughts on “The tawse tale #1

  1. I have to say the outfit that the porn industry considers very scottish is very fetching, if a little schizo. One could wear it to the Oktoberfest in Munich perhaps and pass one’s self off as a wee girrlie och the noo.

    What about porn on kindle?

    I. March

  2. I’m hoping that some nice publisher will put my book on kindle. And paper; I’m fond of paper. “Between the Lines” isn’t porn, but it’s got its steamy moments.

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