The tawse tale #1

I was in Glasgow for a couple of weeks last year. But the story about that that’s fit to tell is about buying a tawse.  It’s a Scots implement of discipline, and it’s given a starring role in a lot of Victorian bdsm porn, like “First Training”, “A Man with a Maid”, and so on. You don’t see them often these days, so I decided that I wanted one.

Makers of party novelties, also porn, think Scots women look something like this.

There weren’t any tawses in Glasgow. I tried leather shops, and I tried the few sex shops, which mostly sold plastic meter maid costumes and little kilts. Which was odd, because Glasgow girls don’t wear little kilts.

There were also lots of porn dvds, which is something I haven’t seen in a while.

Porn is a data stream or else it’s a book, with paper and such. Anyone too young to enter the premises would know what porn is, but soon they won’t recognise those plastic dvd cases. Dvds feel kind of historical.

Anyway, I saw an ad for a slightly goth-and-bdsm flavoured shop in Edinburgh on a website for Scots fetish people, so I drove over to see if the Goths were selling tawses. And to cruise the second hand bookshop district.

But Glasgow girls look like this.

I’m going to have to continue this story tomorrow, because tonight I’m doing a barbecue and showing an outdoor movie.

I haven’t settled on the movie, but it’s a very non-bdsm event so it’ll probably be Mary Poppins. I like the animation sequence with an Irish fox jeering at black and tan English hounds. I don’t think Disney knew what that bit meant.

2 thoughts on “The tawse tale #1

  1. I have to say the outfit that the porn industry considers very scottish is very fetching, if a little schizo. One could wear it to the Oktoberfest in Munich perhaps and pass one’s self off as a wee girrlie och the noo.

    What about porn on kindle?

    I. March

  2. I’m hoping that some nice publisher will put my book on kindle. And paper; I’m fond of paper. “Between the Lines” isn’t porn, but it’s got its steamy moments.

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