Day in the garden

It’s been a virtuous day in the mountains. I’ve been mowing, mulching, chain-sawing and pool-vacuuming.

The pool-vacuuming, especially, should be a porn film scenario. The maid comes out, is supposed to net all the leaves, and takes off her cossie and plunges in instead. Then she gets spanked by an actor so bad he could have been in the original Star Trek. The end. I could do it, but I’d have to practice my Cherman accent.

They’re doing it wrong.

But there was no pool porn, just me and my, ahem, hose and scrubber. I was mildly sad because a frog had got in and died there after a few laps, because chlorined pools are a bad decision for a frog, and he couldn’t get up the pool walls.

I’ll have to make a little ladder. Anyway, I’m ready for a shower and out for dinner shortly.

So I’ll have to start the tale of the tawse tomorrow.

Welcome, readers, nice to see people dropping by. And because of the kind of day I’ve had, I’ll leave you with a picture of a wheelbarrow.


3 thoughts on “Day in the garden

  1. A refreshing blog well writte, and the drawing did make me laugh out aloud.

    The kind of man who considers building a ladder for a frog in his swimming pool is worth watching.

    Best regards,

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