The Ojastara Tales: The Landgrave 4

Ojastara took the strip of leather she kept round her left wrist and climbed the bed to straddle the Landgrave. Leaning down she kissed him, her thighs closing on his cock to distract him, and wrapped the thin leather strip round his thumbs, then his wrists. He grimaced when he realized that his hands really were trapped, but the touch of Ojastara’s inner thigh made him focus on other concerns.

He looked up at her, something both urgent and haunted in his eyes. “Please…”

Ojastara struck his left nipple, hard, with the tassle of the crop, and he forgot whatever it was that he was about to beg. She struck his right nipple twice, unfairly hard, and then sat herself on his thighs, looking down at him. He writhed, cock rigid in the air, but he could not shake her.

She smiled down at him, his expression drawn with need, and spread her thighs to press her cunt against his right thigh, soft wet fruit against hard muscle. A sweet tension built and grew within her, steadily gaining in power as she pressed herself hard against his thigh. She rode him slowly up, then down, pleasuring herself while he begged for relief. At last she said, as if angry, “You are becoming importunate!” She struck him twice, using the shaft of the crop against his chest. Then, when he was aware of the pain, and that he was marked with two raised red welts, she struck him twice more, without hurry.

“Be good,” she said. “Be silent.” Her mouth quirked. “Behave.”

He stared up at her, barely believing what was happening to him, or within him. “Ah… Yes.” Then he said, “Mistress.”

“Good boy.” Ojastara rode him, harder, faster, and then closed with him so that his cock was pressed between his belly and her ribcage. The pressure on her cunt, and her own exertions, were reaching her, and she felt that she was glowing. Eventually she let her tension go, and she groaned, and gushed against his leg, gurgling in pleasure.

She said, “Ahhh… Sweet.” Then she raised herself from his chest so that his cock prodded, untouched, into the air. 

He looked at her, desperate. “Mistress. Please…”

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