In the Realm of the Sensei 3

When they were more or less conscious and able to speak again Seamus smacked Asuka again, on her right hip, and said, “Good Asuka. Asuka is a good girl, my good girl.” She made a happy sound, though at any other time she’d have laughed at him for saying something like that.

They rocked together, vastly pleased with each other, until he started to soften inside her and he had to withdraw, holding the ring of the condom so it didn’t slip off inside her.

She straightened up, and arched her back, her arms out above her shoulders.

She turned. She kissed him. “Seamus! You were my first! Up my chokucho. And it was wonderful! I wish you’d been first in my pussy and my mouth too. But I’m glad I saved something for you.” Then she giggled. “You got my arse!”

Eventually they moved the low table back into its place, and she made Seamus sit at it cross-legged, while she warmed and served him sake, holding the little porcelain bottle between her breasts. He generally preferred beer, but Asuka liked making a fuss, and she made a protracted act of service when she brought him warm sake. He was sure she enjoyed it, partly as a tradition and partly as theatre. After she’d served him she wanted to cuddle, but he smacked her bottom hard enough to re-awaken the pain of her caning, and told her to make dinner.

He had a shower, changed into a robe and thick socks, becoming a salaryman at home, monarch, until he returned to work, of all he surveyed. Mostly he watched Asuka surreptitiously while she performed in the kitchen. She wasn’t used to cooking. He usually did that.

After he’d stopped eating she’d crawled to him under the table. She pushed him onto his back, gently, and pulled his robe away from his cock. She lowered her mouth onto it, and sucked him lazily, in no particular hurry. She’d told him she loved his cock in her mouth, and he’d eventually believed her. Seamus allowed her to please herself, for a long time under he felt urgency again.

He put his head in her hair and grabbed a handful. Then he pulled her down onto him, all the way until she choked and coughed and tried to come up.

He slapped her face, then, and she committed herself to serve him, working hard until he gasped, held her head close, and thrust into her mouth. She swallowed his come, and continued sucking him, slowly and less urgently until he was soft again. 

Much later that night, when they were in bed, tired and sleepy, Asuka kissed him and said she’d been sure that he would know how to be firm with her, and that he would have to be that way – “vey firm!” – from now on. He’d reassured her that he would.

He got up and collected the cane, and hung it on a hook above the bed. He’d have to buy another cane, he realized, so he’d have one for home use, and one for school. He expected that he’d only use the school cane on Asuka, too. Though anything was possible.

Then he returned to bed. She reached up and touched the end of the cane that now hung above her head. “For ‘uck,” she said. They cuddled until they rolled onto their sides, Asuka’s rump close to Seamus’s cock, and they slept.


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