The Gates of Ivory: The Hurdy-Gurdy Man walks away

So I was, “Oh come on, you may as well leave it too.”

girls outdoorsSo we walked along, all singing close harmony songs about food cooperatives, no-good blue-eyed lovers and eldritch uncanny things, since the Dixies and the Warpaint occupy way different songy universes. But my piano-accordian, the which I had not previously known how to play, totally tied it all together, musically.

Eventually the Emilys tugged my arm. Or arms. An arm each or apiece. So I was all like, “What?”

“Thank you, honey, for letting us out of your dream.” Emily smiled. “We’re so very grateful.” And then Emily smiled too. “And we’d like to show you just how very…”

Emily started fumbling with my belt, because I somehow had my clothes back on, and Emily fumbled with the button of my jeans, and then they sank to their knees at my feet, each resting the little song-snatch on a heel and looking hungrily at my cock, which had fully forgotten to be floppy. 

And that was a fine thing, but I said, “Hey, Emilys, are we still in…”

And Emily went, like, “Nah. We’re just kidding.” And Emily was all, “Honey, totally jerking your chain.” 

Theresa and Natalie came over, and were, “Hey, girls, there’s someone else wants us now. See you round, Jaime-Bob.”

natalie dixieAnd Natalie, who’d had reverse cowgirl anal on my gearstick, which I thought creates a bond, winked at me.

She went, like, “You want us back some time, you know how to dream, don’t you, Jaime-Bob? You just put your head on a pillow and snore.”

I was all, “Huh?” I was watching the fine Dixie and Warpaint asses walking away. Natalie punched my arm. “Huh?”

[The End.]


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