Swimming Pool, un film par François Ozon

Swimming Pool is is partly a psychological thriller, and partly a meditation on the process of artistic creation. Like all good French films, it spends a lot of its run time with the camera staring at the naked body of an incredibly beautiful woman, in this case Ludivine Sagnier. It ends with you questioning and arguing in the bar afterwards about whether anything you just saw on screen “really” happened. So I recommend it.

Unlike Ludivine Sagnier’s character, who almost certainly deserves it, my diving beauty, Arethusa, has just been soundly spanked. So all is well. The world is safe.


7 thoughts on “Swimming Pool, un film par François Ozon

    • No, the only person dishing out physical discipline in my D/s relationships is me.

      I’m just a Dom, not a switch.

      But I am subject to a submissive girl’s disapproval if I fuck up and get something wrong. And disapproval, and knowing it’s justified, is worse than a whack across the arse. Or maybe I’m just a wuss.

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