Masturbation Monday: Gentlemen take iPhotos

Roland had just told Teresa that he wasn’t going to let her into his flat any more, or not with clothes on. She wasn’t sure he really meant that. There were practical objections; she was sure she could think of several. But there was only one sexy answer, and just then the sexy answer was the only one possible. Teresa said, “Yes, sir.”

He knew, his grin said, that he was being silly. But at the same time, he’d meant what he said. He said, “My bedroom’s down that corridor. First on the left. Bed, Teresa. Now.”

Teresa turned to obey. She took a step, then stopped. “You should take photos of my arse.”

“I suppose so. This is your first spanking, at least from me­–”

“No, that makes it the first. At all. Don’t forget that you’re a weirdo. Statistically speaking.”

“But it’s not going to be the last, is it?”

Teresa looked back at him. “I’ve got a feeling it might not be.”

“So, hold still. You’re right: you should have a photo of your first. Put your hands on your head.”

“Yeah? Why?” 

Roland looked surprised. “In all honesty, I don’t actually know. It just makes you look sexy.”

Looking sexy was no bad thing. Teresa obeyed, and watched him gawk at her. Then he took her in with his phone camera. “Yeah. First photo. Teresa spanked. The day your life changed, and you became accountable to me.”

She turned back to face him. “Oh?”

“Don’t you think?” Then he suddenly looked much, much less cheerful. “Sorry, I should have said that better. I wasn’t really thinking, and I just blurted out what I feel. I’m sorry. So this is a question: do you feel that you’d like to be accountable to me?”

Her eyebrows lifted. “You mean you’ll beat my ass if I don’t do as I’m told?” She tried to make that sound absurd. She knew that in this room, with just the two of them, it didn’t sound absurd at all. It didn’t even sound wrong.

“That’s exactly what I mean. And more. Well?”

“Then yes, ok. I do. And more.” She thought for several long moments about what she felt like saying, and then said it. “Sir.”

“Also, I should take more photos of your arse right now because you look incredibly sexy. Now stand in the corner.”

Teresa moved to the corner, glancing facing back at him. “This better?”

“You look spectacular. Just … debauched.”

“Heh. I’m ‘debauched’. You’re the pervert. Can I move now?”

“No. Stay there. And look pretty. And… hold.”

She heard him taking photos, from different angles.

Eventually he smacked her bottom, lightly, with his phone. “Off you go, spank-victim. Bedroom on the left.”

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