Sinful Sunday: The comforts of being good

Sometimes a good girl needs a spanking. She just does. Her skin and her soul crave it. Not too hard, not too light. Just sensual. With lots of appreciation of her beauty. 

And sometimes a good girl gets what she needs.



The castle again. A couple of weeks ago I published an “aftermath” picture, showing my girl sleeping afterwards. But this was taken during the enwarmening process itself.  

17 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: The comforts of being good

  1. Love the photo, and such a perfect position. But – everything else aside – what I must really remember is to start making more use of the word “enwarmening”… fabulous! 😉

  2. This is such a beautiful picture and your words remind me of something Michael often says which is good girl get spanked bad girls get punished 😉


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