Sinful Sunday: That colour (and that ass)


Discipline is an energy transfer. Giving a spanking takes power and force. Receiving a spanking takes control and endurance, and alchemy: transferring pain into pleasure.

(Even when some dom insists it’s a punishment and it’s not supposed to feel good. There’s a kind of internal dissent that neither a submissive nor a dom can suppress: pleasure will out.)

But when the spanking’s done, and her ass glows, radiating red heat, she lights her dom’s heart. And she lights the room.

12 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: That colour (and that ass)

  1. I don’t know… I’ve had a couple of sessions as a sub with clients whose kink was actual punishment / sadism – pushing a sub past her comfort zone, making her cry, making her use her safe word more than once, etc. When I’m with a partner who cares about my needs, though, yes! The pain is always pleasurable, and I do love having a bright red bum.

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