Sinful Sunday: Over-stuffed leather armchairs

The arm of an over-stuffed leather armchair is such a comfortable place to be. 

What it isn’t, so much, is safe. 

Still, I think leather armchairs are my favourite sex toys. 


18 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Over-stuffed leather armchairs

  1. Mmm looking at this it doesn’t look all that comfortable either… And I can’t help but wonder about how comfortable that wicked looking implement on her rump will be either!

  2. I love the pose and the books behind her. It makes me think of public libraries and the possibility of being found and also the need to be quiet… which definitely doesn’t look like it will happen. Great story potential in this picture

  3. Ooh, I’d never considered that the arm of a leather chair could make such a good object to be bend over… I completely agree with Kilted Wookie that I feel quite voyeuristic looking at this photo, and am definitely imagining all the things which happened after it was taken. x

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