Kink of the week: An anal virginity

She was on her hands and knees, looking at the sheet below her. “I mean, I’ve been wanting to try this. I’ve wanted to get my ass fucked for ages.”

I smiled and hoped she wouldn’t see. If I said something that impersonal to her, there’d be hell to pay. “Well then, it’s lucky I’m here.”

She didn’t realise I was joking. She said, quickly, “And I think it should be you. You… Well, at least you know what you’re doing. I think.”

“I’m honoured. No, seriously. And I want you. Right now especially your ass.” I took her hand by the wrist and put it on my cock, to demonstrate the point. “I absolutely want to fuck your ass.” 

“O”. She stroked gently. A hard cock is, after all, generally a sincere compliment. Then she tightened her grip so she could feel the blood, beating, throbbing for her. It’s a perfectly ordinary cock, mine, but there was no doubting its enthusiasm at that moment. She nodded. Obviously I didn’t have any doubts.

“I guess I want you to do whatever you like. So long as you do it hard.” But she had one more thought. “Still, remember… this is my first time.”

I looked at her with disbelief, then quickly got that expression off my face. Anyway, she meant she was trusting me, and that’s always an aphrodisiac. Anyway, it was time to stop thinking. I took one of my condoms, ripped the packet open with my teeth, and rolled the thing onto my cock.

There’s a speech I usually make at that moment, about how I’d hate it if anything hurt her, apart from good hurts that don’t count, so she should tell me at once if anything didn’t feel good. And she can set the pace, as slow and gentle or hard and fast, as she felt comfortable with. Then I cover saying no, safewords, and a few related topics. That’s what I usually say. But intuition can tell you odd things.

This time I just smacked her bottom again. She yelped, not displeased. I used the command voice to tell her to keep that ass up and get her knees further apart so I could fuck her. If she didn’t I’d smack her till she did as she was told. This was bullshit, but she nodded seriously.

She spread her knees as wide as they’d go, which lowered her ass a few inches closer to the bed. Buggering her in that position would be very comfortable. For me, at least. I said, “perfect, girl.” I reached under her belly to squeeze her cunt. She sucked her tummy in and spread just a little wider, to give me better access.

She was utterly, soppy wet to my touch. I want to roll her onto her back and kiss her cunt. Then fuck her. But that wasn’t the agenda, and it was time. So I growled, “Keep still,” so she had something to obey, and pressed my slippery left forefinger and index finger against the tight little bud of her asshole.

Her asshole, now holding two of my fingers up past the first knuckle, was extremely tight. It took a moment for her little muscled ring to yield and open. Still, she was very thoroughly lubed. Once my fingers were inside her, I could slip in to the second knuckle without too much difficulty. 

She held herself tense, ass still enticingly in the air, and her face was set. She was withholding judgement but expecting this to hurt. 

I said, “How you going? This ok?” 

“Uh.” She shook her head. “I hadn’t expected it to feel so intimate. It’s very… invasive.” 

She was staring at her pillow, focused on her sensations and not on me, except for two of my fingers.

I smiled. “Yeah. You don’t have many secrets left, from the man with his cock up your ass.” 

That was nonsense too, like a lot of things I’d said that night. 

But it seemed that she liked feeling invaded, and that would intensify that feeling. She only said, “Ohh.” And she left her mouth open after she’d said it. 

I squeezed more lube into my hand, coating my fingers and inserting more into her ass. Then I slowly fucked her with my fingers, letting her imagine how my cock would be, once I was demandingly inside her. The reality of the fingers, and the proximity of my cock, seemed to be good, sensual things, and her noises were soft and appreciative. But eventually I withdrew my fingers. She seemed to mind their absence. 

I coated the condom liberally, especially around the head of my cock. “You can tell me to stop and pull out any time. Or to slow down.” 

Her mouth quirked. My solicitousness didn’t fit the experience she was having. She was enjoying being brutally fucked. By a brutal fucker. She said, “I know that. And I’m fine. Don’t fuss.” 

Not so long ago she’d been warning me that this was her first time. It seemed she’d decided she could handle this without any more warnings. I smacked her upper thigh, hard, and she settled back, her arse up and presented. I took my place kneeling between her knees, my hands on her hips, and my cock nosing urgently against that lube-slicked little star. A dark star.

I lined my cock up against her asshole with my hand, and kept my cock steady while I pushed against her. After a couple of second’s of resistance, there was that sudden, dramatic opening, as Qing’s rectal muscles yielded, and I was inside her. Just the head of my cock at this stage, being held by a tight and reactive little ring.

Once my cock had taken its first entrance of her I slowly pushed a little further forward to make sure I couldn’t slip out of her ass by accident.

Then I moved a little deeper still and her ring tightened on the shaft of my cock.

She trembled under me, on her bed on her hands and knees, with most of my weight on her back and my cock half-buried in her ass. I was riding her a little higher than I had so far that night, and that seemed to come with its own symbolism attached.

The higher angle, not to mention the tightness of her ass, was a new sensation, too. In sex a small difference is a huge difference, if you’re paying attention. 

Her tight little tube held my cock firmly and softly. If it was heavenly, and it seemed so, then I was in heaven.

Many submissive women don’t like anal. And plenty of women enjoy being fucked up the ass but don’t care about bdsm at all. I know that, but I also know that that moment of give, when a woman opens and yields up her ass to my cock, always feels like submission. At least to me. That’s part of what makes anal possession of a woman feel so hot and so savage, even though the dom is (or should be) taking a lot of care not to really hurt her. She’s submitted, or at least given the dom that illusion.

She was puffing as if she’d run a mile. A sex mile, with me riding on her back. She still couldn’t manage to produce words, but she nodded. I smiled at her. She made the kissy face, so we were good.

Because I needed to, I pushed my cock further into her, revelling in every movement. She grunted (“oh, that’s happening”) but she seemed happy to be buggered. At each moment I could feel her start to resist I’d stop and withdraw a little, as slowly as I could, and thrust forward again.

Each movement took my cock a little further into her, and withdrew a little less. Until my belly pressed against the silky warmth of her ass, my cock deeply and completely inside her. I wanted to tell her I was pleased with her. I said, “Ah fuck, girl.”

That was probably about as sensible as whatever it was that she’d just said, but at least I hadn’t screamed mine. Then we both forget about words and breathing, and fucked in silence, until I stopped holding her hips and dropped my hands to support my weight on the bed.She fell forward onto her breasts and shoulders, arching her ass up at me. Tightly joined, she put her hands on the backs of mine and held tight. 

I started to speed up because her sweetly tight ass and her own arousal had taken me past the point where I could choose whether or not to come. Qing stopped still, suddenly, pushing herself hard but slowly against my cock, getting it as deep as possible.

I could feel contractions inside her. Then she rocked as fast as she could, making high-pitched squealing and gibbering noises.

She’d have fallen flat on the bed once she’d come but I wouldn’t let her. I held her ass tight up against me and fucked her until I’d come too. Then we lay together, with my arm around her and my cock still hard inside her. For a long time there was no reason to move or speak.

9 thoughts on “Kink of the week: An anal virginity

  1. The “Don’t fuss” so shortly after the my-first-time warning, and the “if *I* said anything that impersonal, there’d be he’ll to pay” observation — those kinds of realistic details both (1) give insight to the personalities involved, and (2) make the tale humorously, realistically relatable.

  2. “when a woman opens and yields up her ass to my cock, always feels like submission.” I love this line. I’m a submissive woman who doesn’t love it (although it’s not a hard limit) but it always makes me feel absolutely submissive.

    • I was a 19-year-old woman the first time I had anal sex. I was a college sophomore and it was exams week before Christmas. It was Friday night and more than 90% of students already had left campus to go home for the holidays. I spent that night in my boyfriend’s dorm room. There was nobody else on his dorm wing that night. In his dorm room in the dark, we kissed and made out. One by one, each of my clothing items was removed until I was nude and lying face up on his bed. He used ribbons to tie my wrists tightly to the headboard of his bed. I felt vulnerable yet excited. He buried his head between my thighs and I felt his tongue licking my clit and vulva. He drooled saliva onto my perineum, then used his tongue to push the saliva onto my virgin anus. At that moment, I knew that he was going to fuck me with zero risk of pregnancy. “Please feel free to fuck my asshole tonight,” I whispered in the dark. His cock was 11 inches long when erect, and he placed its tip on my wet anus. I could feel the heat of his shaft as it slid into my anal opening, his 2-inch diameter of throbbing girth stretching my virginal sphincter muscles painfully wide. I am not a masochist, but my boyfriend knew I was submissive by nature. As his cock slid deeper through my rectum, I began to moan softly in pain. “Do you want me to stop?” he asked. “No,” I replied. “I want you to use me like an anal whore all night long.” Taking his cue, he continued to slide his cock deeper into my asshole, penetrating part of my sigmoid colon until his balls slapped repeatedly against my now gaping anus. I could feel my entire anal canal burning in agony, and yet he knew what I was craving. So, he thrusted back and forth with long strokes in both directions, reaming out my virgin asshole as I moaned increasingly louder in pain with each thrust. He was a machine and my whole body glistened with perspiration. With each anal thrust, I moaned in pain in synchronized unison with his moan of pleasure. My agony no longer mattered to me — or to him. We both wanted the intensity to ratchet upwards as long as necessary. It felt as if I had a beast in my belly — an 11-inch beast. He had amazing stamina, delivering 100 anal thrusts every 60 seconds. By the end of the first hour, he had delivered 6,000 anal thrusts up my asshole, cumming four times and staying hard throughout. My body was drenched in sweat, my thighs felt weak like jello, and I could feel his warm cum oozing out of my asshole. But he kept thrusting. So I kept moaning and begging him not to stop. Another hour of ass-fucking passed. I had received 12,000 anal thrusts over a two-hour period. That is two miles of cock reaming out my asshole. After he managed to cum for the eighth time, I felt his cock pull out of my ass. More cum oozed out of my gaping anus. I was exhausted and thirsty — and he knew it. He positioned his cock so that I could suck on it, greedily swallowing a light brown mixture that had coated his shaft — it was his cum and my fecal matter. Then, he pushed his cock deeper — past my tonsils and into my throat. His cock began to release an even warmer liquid — an entire load of his piss. I instinctively swallowed his piss, gulping it all down into my stomach. My two hours of pain and degradation had maximized his pleasure — and my satisfaction. I now knew that he valued me as a girlfriend. At least, for one more night.

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