Sinful Sunday: Not as unmoved as he pretended


His hands had trembled slightly when he raised her dress. He was not as unmoved by her as he had been pretending to be. 

She had waited while he lectured her brief;y. And, ludicrously, told her off for requiring him to punish her. 

But then the first stroke came. It hurt; it burned across her bare skin. But somehow she felt it as intensity. 

Something in her began to awake. This was not a dream.

18 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Not as unmoved as he pretended

    • They are just the loveliest shade of link, aren’t they? (I mean the welts, of course.)

      And it’s odd how something that simple (the plain knickers) can be so perversely hot. But there it is.

      Thank you!

    • It’s taken in the castle dining room. It’s such a woody setting, and it really sets off my lovely model’s skin.

      Thank you!

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