Sinful Sunday: Goodness, such badness

Life is good, sometimes. To tell the truth, my lovely model had been perfectly good, too. 

But… there are times when eliding the difference between goodness and badness is exactly what makes life so incredibly, fucking… good. 

15 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Goodness, such badness

  1. I second others about the balance – balancing things on a sub and then telling them to make sure that item doesn’t fall off (or else) is *so* much fun!

  2. Thank you! The Library of Depravity was kind of made by me in what had been a bare concrete space.

    My concept for it is late nineteenth century, and some colonial administer who’s served in Africa, Indochina (as it was called then), the South Pacific, India and also near the Arctic Circle. So he has all these artefacts from the places he’s been, which happen by an odd coincidence to be the places I’ve been, and he comes down to the library to read poetry, politics, philosophy and porn, and smoke opium.

    The only thing that isn’t 19th Century or earlier in technology is the record player, and at least that’s both old and analogue. Being reliant on valves rather than transistors, it means it’ll have a chance of surviving as a sound system even after EMPs and other things that would fuck up digital technology. There is no digital technology in that library.

    I’m not a survivalist. I don’t have any guns, or stockpiles of canned soup. I just think the internet is much more vulnerable than people remember to take into account. Books will still be there when my Kindle is fried.

    As for electricity, I was thinking of submissives, bicycles hooked up to power generators, and whips, as a genuinely environmentally friendly way of powering the sound system.

    Thank you!

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