Sinful Sunday: Glory

This was just after Arethusa’s first spanking. I can’t remember what it was for. It was a micro-second of hesitation when I’d given her an order, or forgetting to call me Sir (I wasn’t her Master yet). But it was something.

We wanted that first spanking to happen ASAP, and for it to be “for” something, to have a reason, so that her accepting it was an act of submission.

And afterwards, dumped shockingly fast off my knee and onto the carpet, it was her first Corner Time. 

“Stand there, hands on your head,” I said. “You’re in disgrace.” 

Of course she knew she wasn’t in any disgrace at all. Just thinking about her, just being in the same room, turned me on. I’d told her that, and then she’d witnessed and felt it.

On display there, in that penitent pose, bottom and thighs freshly spanked, watched by a man already smitten, she wasn’t in disgrace.

She was in Glory. And she knew it. 


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