Sinful Sunday: Cuffing up

A pink girl in a rosy room. Her bottom is already blushing, more than a little, but her Master has told her to put her cuffs on. He plans something, for which she shouldn’t be able to move. That’s always a time for silence, reflection, and anticipation, for both of them. He watches her readying herself. She may be blushing, but to him she glows.


22 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Cuffing up

    • Yes. If I’d been thinking more about photo composition, and less about my girl, I’d have moved my foot out of shot. But as you say, at least the sock is pink!

        • Thank you! And you’re right, now I think about it, about it making it warmer because two people are obviously involved.

          Also, come to think of it, ALL photos should have at least one pink sock in them.

    • Bondage, some flicks of the riding crop to a helpless girl’s most tender places. Some begging. Sexual intercourse.

      Champagne and a spa bath.

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