Masturbation Monday: Bastards of the bed

When they sped up, and were fucking hard and deep: that was the moment for Teresa, the emotional and sexual pitch she reached when she would have bitten her male.

But her face was in the pillow, and she couldn’t turn her head far enough, and the cunning bastard had tied her wrists. She shook her head wildly. She wanted to bite him, it was time to bite him, and she couldn’t reach. “Bastard!”  

So Roland pulled out of her nearly all the way, the tip of his cock just outside but touching her lips, and held there. Teresa wailed, dismayed: empty. Then he smacked the side of her bottom. His own body was in the way, and he couldn’t make it as meaty a smack as he probably intended. He withdrew, ignoring the protests she made.

He gave her five more, alternating sides, so that she couldn’t ignore it: Teresa had just been spanked, like Tessa in the book he must have seen beside her bed.

That was interesting. But she needed his cock back. She arched her bottom up and shimmied, to invite him. Demand him. Being spanked might not be Teresa’s central perversity, but she couldn’t deny she’d enjoyed it. She was certain, now, that Roland had read about Tessa’s spanking and anal sex in Tessa’s Task and he knew it was her favourite one-handed read. It was something they’d have to talk about. But not now.

She arched her arse up, freshly spanked and no doubt blushing pink, demanding his attention. He took her invitation, and took her. His belly, as they slid together, felt cool against her heated skin. Bygones, she decided, were bygones.

They started the fuck again from the beginning, excruciatingly slow, slowly speeding up. This time, when they got back to the hard fast section, when Teresa was gasping and concentrating, she again started shaking her head from right to left, and she bit on the pillowcase below her face and ripped it. She made no more attempts to turn in her bonds to bite him.

And at last Teresa came, not with her words this time but like a banshee. A happy banshee on a train. When they got their breaths back she said, “Oooh, you bastard.” 

But she knew that didn’t sound convincing. She was too happy.


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