Sinful Sundae: Flying Colours

The world looks different in a dungeon. The colours and the sensations.

Doing as you’re told is always a good idea.. But if you’re looking hot, it’s not going to protect your bottom anyway.

(And that, as fate would have it, keeps the blues away.)

25 thoughts on “Sinful Sundae: Flying Colours

  1. Ha – I love the sentence you tacked on at the end to keep with the theme! Fun shot – but much more fun getting the colors in the picture than taking it, I suppose!

    • Ha, you got me!

      The thing was, I don’t have any pictures in blue.

      I hadn’t really thought about it before, but I realise that it’s far from being my favourite colour.

      I just hoped people would enjoy a nice change, to the warmer colours. As for my reference to blue, to cover up for the bluelessness of the thing … yeah, I’m busted.

    • Well, it’s odd, given that we were in a dungeon, but I had to improvise.

      They are soft wrist cuffs with fleece, for comfort. And a couple of snap hook stainless steel clips to secure the cuffs and therefore her arms where I wanted them, for the duration.

      So it’s an assemblage from a collection of bondage bits and pieces.

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