My girl has told me she loves someone else. My heart hurts, and my world has fallen in. I’m bewildered and sad. I want it not to be true. I have no idea what to do.


Well, I’m not going to give up. I don’t have that first fresh rush of lust on my side. But I know that I’ve been good to her and good for her. I have love on my side, and authority. Though if a woman wants to leave her Dom, then of course she can: his authority stops when consent stops. But I have something: I’ve always used my power and my best judgment for her good, so she will listen and consider what I say. 

On the other hand, though I respect her utterly, I do think my judgment is better than hers. And maybe it’s better than hers at the moment precisely because she’s swept up in the excitement of meeting a new, sexy person. Her happiness comes first, before mine, but at least I won’t assume that making the great sacrifice and going off nobly is the best thing for her happiness.

I think that her best happiness is with me. That happens to coincide a little too well with what is best for my happiness. But that in itself doesn’t mean it’s wrong. We should both be happy.

Well, anyway, I’ll do what I can to save this, and us. 

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