On hold

Life’s on hold. Her daughter is sick, and at home, so my agenda for today is off.

I’d thought that a well belted backside, and then lots of fucking, would be good for her. And giving her those things would be good for me. It’d remind her of how we, together, make her happy. Also, it would make her happy. Right now. I know she’s feeling terrible at the moment, nearly as lost as I am.  

Our relationship isn’t just about pleasure and sex, but those things are important. They’re basics, and basics are good. (When they’re good, that is, and in our case, they are.)

Anyway, I’m going over now. I’m going to help build a model bear. A grizzlie, with a mat for hair and I don’t know what the teeth will be made of. Well, that’s something, though I can’t help feeling that it would be better to be sexy, right now, than helpful. 

Ah well, we’ll see.

I‘d hoped I’d never feel like this again in my life, but you never get love or life risk-free. C’est la fucking vie.

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