Probation Officer #88: Cat claiming ownership

Sa’afia rolled her eyes, and didn’t care who saw it, even if it was the man with the rod in his hand, who was using it to tap her bottom with some force now. To show her I’d seen that eye-roll I swung the stick a little harder, this time making an audible impact and leaving a vertical stripe down her left buttock.

She shook for a second, and arched her back. She was very beggy.    

“You know, you have no idea how beautiful you look. And hot.” This wasn’t quite true. She knew I was hard. When I’d pushed her head forward she’d rubbed my cock with her forehead, like a cat claiming ownership of a human’s hand.

I pressed her against my cock while I swung the rod again and striped her right buttock. Sa’afia hissed in breath, then turned slightly to kiss my inner thigh through the wool of my pants. 

wolfeWith that kiss, some things became urgent. I considered making her open my belt and my fly with her teeth, but it’d take longer than I was ready to wait. I unbuckled and unzipped, and let my cock free, pronging the air in the general direction of Sa’afia’s nose.  

I tightened my grip on Sa’afia’s hair and guided her onto my cock. Her lips pressed a soft ring around the head, and I pressed forward. We both said, “Hahh,” at more or less the same instant.

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