Probation Officer #79: From the inside

Sa’afia opened her mouth and shut it. She frowned, and then nodded solemnly.

“And I’m going to find your little cunt wet, girl. If you’re not wet, I’m going to take my belt to you. Understood?”

She’d already have been wet, but I gave her a few seconds to react to the threat to take my belt to her. I knew that would have reached her. Sa’afia nodded, then gasped when I pushed inside her, reaching excited girl wertness immediately.

I pressed my fingers upwards, from inside her, to press against that spongy upper vaginal wall. And I smacked her again with my other hand. Sa’afia made a higher pitched sound, with very little pain in it. She was going to come soon, if I wasn’t careful. I said, “shhhhhhh.”

hugs afterI kissed her, still stroking slippery, sensitive Sa’afia cunt. Sa’afia turned to face me, spread her thighs wider, and put her arms round me. We kissed. I was still stroking her, but I rested my other hand on her ass. She was burning hot on the undercurves of her buttocks, where I’d smacked her hardest.

I could have objected to her moving without my permission, but she was too welcome in my arms for me to pretend to make an issue of it. Neither of us could help reaching for the other. We were a clothed Jaime and a naked, freshly spanked Sa’afia, holding each other.

We’d been here before. It was all as it should be.

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