Probation officer #16: Doms and stone cold lesbians

Tomorrow I’ll resume the story about when I was a probation officer, and I had a client called Ana who I passionately wanted to put over my knee. Though the things I wanted went some way further than that. 

Anyway, I won’t do spoilers, but for a while Ana and I did fall naturally into a kind of bdsm relationship, where I’d give her orders, and she’d brat me a bit and then do as she was told. Since it was a professional relationship involving legal authority, and I was – just – clutching onto the last shreds of my professionalism, the “orders”were things like “go to that job interview”, and “do that training course”.

Sure, I wanted to give her other orders, like, “take that off and get up on that desk”. But this is the real world, and the story is true. 

Still, although I wasn’t getting any of the services that doms usually get from the person who’s submitting to them, I was still enjoying the tension between us, and I knew, even then, that she was too. It’s a fairly subtle way to have a sexual relationship, but that is what it was.

Ah, simply rope.

Ah, simply rope.

Anyway, long after I’d stopped working as a probation officer, I had a brief relationship with a girl who liked men fine, but it happened that she’d only fucked women for the last couple of years. I was her first man-fuck in ages. I was also the first ever to show her any sort of bdsm, since she’d asked me about it. Getting spanked didn’t do much for her (nor did crops, or nipple clamps), but she liked being tied.

She liked being commanded, too, and she loved having things done to her, that she was helpless to prevent

After we’d fucked ourselves too hungry and tired to move, I lay on her bed thinking I’d been a satisfactory reintroduction to heterosex (not that I was trying to do any sort of conversion), and a fairly good ambassador for bdsm. She’d had a fine, noisy time.  She was worried about one thing, though. I’d done a lot of work, thinking of how things will happen, choosing and directing the scenes, making her come, and so on. She got to lose control and go crazy, and I never lost control at all. She was very happy with what had been done to her, but she wondered what I got out of it.

 “You’re like a stone cold lesbian,” she said.

I said, “I have no idea what that even means, but I bet I’m not.”

So she told me what “stone cold lesbian” means.

To be continued, as always.    

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