One swallow doesn’t make a spring #4

Svitlana made a happy, throaty sound, comfortable again, her ass in good and appreciative hands. She pressed her full length against me so I was completely aware of her breasts even through all her many jerseys and other things I hoped to remove soon. My erection got harder to conceal. I stopped trying.

Then she pulled my shirt out and put her hands directly against my skin. She stroked my back and then bit my face. It hurt, but the important thing was that it meant we weren’t worrying any further about consents or liberties. We were now officially in the early stages of fucking.

biteBut I said, “Teeth. I’m sure you’re not supposed to bite me.”

“But you’re biteable. Of course I’m going to – ” And she bit me again. This time the important thing was that it hurt.

I said, “Hang on.” I shifted one hand up from her ass to stroke her hair back from her forehead. Then I held her hair, tilted her head back with no force, and kissed her. She liked that, and melted into it.

She purred, “mmmmmmmmmmm.” Then, with the other hand, the one still holding her bum I smacked her. Not a pat. Definitely a smack. She opened her eyes wide. “Heyyy.”

“You’ve got a gorgeous arse. And you bit me. And your arse really is gorgeous. What can I do?”

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