Masturbation Monday: Crawling to my bedroom


This is a continuing story. Icouldn’t write an episode llast week because travel. But the most recent episode, before this one is here.

The story so far: Stephanie and I left my own party to go across the road, and do everything but fuck in the children’s playground, after midnight. When we got back to my place, I put my clothes back on, but Stephanie had to stay naked. Since she was happy with that, I told her to drop to her knees, for the journey through the party-goers to my bedroom. 

And the thing is, the really cool thing, is that she did.

The previous episode is . Read it, if you haven’t, then read on.

Crawling to my room

I opened the back door, and stood back as if I were a polite man, so Stephanie could lead the way, prowling on her hands and knees. It wasn’t politeness, of course. I just wanted to watch her ass.

I said, because there are times a dom can’t help himself, and it comes with an incredibly powerful wave of both affection and lust, “Good girl, Stephanie.”

She looked at me, thinking, I guess, about protesting the idea that I was in any position to decide whether she was good or not.

(I was in an excellent position to observe she was a girl, and she couldn’t have any doubt about that.)

Then she looked back down at the carpet, so I suppose she’d decided that what I said went. She was a good girl.  

There was no one around, near the back door. I reached down and smacked her arse, hard, and she skittered a little, like a horse might, then began to crawl towards the main corridor. We could hear people there. Her arrival in that corridor was going to be noticed. And she knew she was a pretty girl, and that my male guests in particular were going to notice her.

I said, “You know the way to my room. Go.” And I smacked her again. This time she accepted it, and began to crawl, half prowling and half shuffling, to the door of my room. I had a thought. “Keep your head down, girl.” I smacked her again. There was no way not to.

There was about a dozen people in the corridor, one couple kissing, and two groups of five. They looked at Stephanie first, and then at me. They’d seen me do weird stuff before. Most of them didn’t know about me and bdsm (a higher proportion of the women knew, but they were still a minority), so I guess they just took it as theatre.

I said, “Second door on the left, Maureen.” (That was what my idea had been, such as it was. Most people are terrible witnesses, and most of the guys, and the women for that matter, weren’t looking at the naked, crawling girl’s face. So using the name “Maureen” might just give Stephanie a kind of privacy. She, I hoped, wouldn’t be in the stories about this. In any face, her face was as red as I’ve ever seen anyone’s. She liked humiliation, and she certainly had her fill in that corridor.

But she reached my doorway, and made the left turn inside. There was a couple on my bed talking. I felt bad about throwing them out, because I’d hoped they’d get together, and they clearly had. Unfortunately, they’d have to consummate somewhere else now. Four idiots (I say this affectionately) who were wasting party time by standing around and talking about Gramsci, also looked at me.

I said, “I’m sorry to chuck you out. But I need the room. Sorry, John, sorry, Lena.” That was to the couple on the bed. But they broke up, Lena laughing at me because of things she knew, and they all filed out. I shut the door behind them, and pushed Stephanie’s scarlet face down to the carpet.

“Keep your ass high, Stephanie. Knees apart. Spread your arms out so your upper body is on the carpet.”

Stephanie made a little moaning noise, that wasn’t a protest, and obeyed. She looked spectacularly, nakedly and rudely offered. Sexually offered.

She said, “Uh, Jaime,” and I smacked her again. She waited, watching me from the floor. I took my clothes off again, and took a condom from my wallet. I put it on.

“Carpet burns, darling. You’re about to get serious carpet burns.” 

The next episode is here.

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  1. I love a bit of humiliation and hearing “good girl” — and oh gawd, the carpet burns! Love all of that. But what I really love is the peek into your head at the same time…both the erotic and the pragmatic bits

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