Sinful Sunday: See where she lies!

See where she lies! a mortal shape indued

With love and life and light and deity,

And motion which may change but cannot die;

An image of some bright Eternity;

A shadow of some golden dream; a Splendour

Leaving the third sphere pilotless; a tender

Reflection of the eternal Moon of Love

Under whose motions life’s dull billows move;

A Metaphor of Spring and Youth and Morning;

A Vision like incarnate April, warning,

With smiles and tears, Frost the Anatomy

Into his summer grave.



Oh, did you find the whip then?

Oh, yes, thank you.


The Third Sphere, in Plotinian philosophy, is the circle/orbit of Venus, goddess of love. Her Sphere is pilotless when she visits one of the other Spheres, e.g. Earth’s.

3 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: See where she lies!

  1. Off the subject of this post: I don’t do Twitter but saw that you are in Berlin. Love that city. My son lives there though I doubt you would ever run into him. Enjoy your stay.

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