Maddie, consent and roller coasters

In the last episode of Maddie’s story, she expects and is keen to give a blow-job, and finds herself throat-fucked hard instead.

I had my doubts about writing it that way, because our Headmaster character hadn’t given warning, let alone asked for consent: “Now, girl, are you up for a nice hard throat-fucking?”

And leaving the action waiting while she considers her right to say, “No way, buster! I’m a fictional girl and I absolutely do not do that sort of thing.” Or, “Yes, please!”

But I decided not to include discussion between them on those lines because:

(1) it’s erotica. It’s meant to be sexy, and not necessarily to provide sensible, followable role models; 

(2) it’s understood by both of them that Maddie wants to learn and experience bdsm things, and in that sense she’s already shown her enthusiastic consent to anything short of damage/harm he does; and

(3) both characters, as well as most readers, would find it hotter with the consent conversation left out. 


The story itself is utterly implausible, in the sense that it couldn’t happen. No teacher could do that, even to willing age-of-consent girls, without getting caught. He’d be in court and in the front pages of newspapers in no time, and then he’d be in prison. Also, the only part of the world I know of where girls of 18 are subject to corporal punishment, which can be delivered by a male, is Texas.

And probably Alabama, come to think of it, though I’m not going to look it up in case I see a photo of Roy Moore. He brings me out in technicolour yawns, that hagfish. (Look them up.) Not even the Islamic states are as fucked up as some States in the good old US of A, y’all. 

Anyway, the way I see it is that the story takes place in a sort of alternate universe, one more ruled by sexual desire than ours is. Think of it as science fiction. 


That said, I think Maddie is perfectly psychologically plausible in our universe. She’s based on women I know, and things they’ve told me about their early bdsm experience. And shown me. (Those experiences didn’t involve headmasters, I should say.)

Maddie is excited by her submissive experiences because they’re coming at her like the loop the loops and hairpin turns of a roller coaster.

She hasn’t consented to each individual turn and loop, but she consented to getting on the roller coaster (she bought a ticket, even), and she’s on for the ride, letting it go where it wants: wheeeee!

Maddie’s a person, though she’s just a fictional one, and she is making choices.

3 thoughts on “Maddie, consent and roller coasters

  1. Interesting post. I read the original and was uncomfortable with the throat fucking (because I would be in real life), but I also found a lot of the story very hot. I wonder if we are all second guessing/self censoring our writing these days…

    • Thank you!

      Well, I wasn’t entirely comfortable, but I didn’t censor the story. He, the headmaster character, throat-fucked Maddie because he was extremely turned on, obviously, and that’s the reason that Maddie’s aware of.

      But also, he’s likely to have had a sense that Maddie would like that sensation of being taken, and feeling helpless. That’s already part of the vibe between them, so he stepped outside the rules but not the feelings and desires both characters have.

      That’s the reason I left the story the way it came out. There’s a sense of care there, even when he’s apparently using her as a masturbation device. The way he pulls out after she gags and gives her time to catch her breath is a hint towards that. Though he doesn’t stop till a little bit later, so she never has the feeling that she’s in control.

      So in their universe he’s doing the right thing. There’s a kind of unspoken understanding between him and Maddie and he keeps his end of the bargain.

      By the way, I have a fairly 3-D sense of who Maddie is. She’s being very sexual and sexually driven, but she feels like a real person, to me. Partly because she’s based on real people. The person who’s closer to a fantasy figure, I think, is the Headmaster, who miraculously always knows just how cruel to be, in order to be kind.

      Anyway, relying on “the vibe between us” wouldn’t do in the real world. For example I’d never take the sudden throat-fucking risk, unless I’d been given a lot of signals by the submissive that throat-fucking would be the very thing, right now. Even then, I’d check to make absolutely sure, disappointing though that might be for her, in some states of mind.

      I don’t think, in the real world, you get any points for introducing some new and challenging bdsm practice, and yelling, “Surprise!”

      But fiction is a different thing. Characters can act on extreme emotional needs (as well as sexual needs) and we can enjoy their stories. But we’re in our universe, which has all sorts of potential consequences, and they’re in their universe, which has fewer.

      So long as we can tell their world from ours (and don’t do things like believing the Transformers movies are documentaries), I’m prepared, as their narrator, to give them their heads and let them go where they like. They just worry me sometimes, that’s all.

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