Wicked Wednesday: Juniper’s Adventures 31

So I was lying over his knees, bottom bare, waiting for his next touch. I knew it wouldn’t be him stroking me between my thighs again. He wanted to hurt me. It was his duty to punish me. I knew I’d been a brat to my teacher, really, and I couldn’t say that I didn’t deserve it. But with the headmaster instead of my teacher, it was a whole different experience.

He’d said, “you’ll come over my lap”. It hadn’t been what he meant, but I knew that I would. And that he wouldn’t be shocked. I could feel his thing hard and pressing up under me. He’d know I’d come, and he’d be happy for me.


I’m going to have to cut here, though. This has been published and my publishers don’t want free competition from me. You can read it here

9 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Juniper’s Adventures 31

    • Yes, he shouldn’t.

      But in some sort of imaginary universe, we’re glad he does.

      Maddie lives in that universe, and she’s kind of blissed out about his misbehaviour.

    • Thank you!
      Taboo or not taboo: that is the question. But that question doesn’t seem to have entered our headmaster’s head. Bad man…

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  2. What a crescendo – blissfully portrayed.

    My favourite line of course ” Wet girls need spanking, don’t they?” or do I like her saucy answer better?

    I love this tongue in cheek tale. I’m delighted there’s more!

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