Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 91: Raylene’s back & Lynette’s coming 2

standing spanked 2Raylene settled again, though it took a few seconds after I’d stopped smacking her arse for the dancing to stop. Our faces were close, eye to eye. Raylene was looking earnest, wanting me to recognise that she’d been a good girl, really. I knew that. I made to kiss her nose but she suddenly grinned, then bowed her head. “Thank you, sir. For punishing me.”

It was said to me, but it was aimed at Lynette. Some women are scarily good at that kind of game. It took real effort not to glance at Lynette just then.

Although she was still carrying out guerrilla raids on Lynette, which was the very thing I was going to cane her for, I admired her cleverness too much to feel like punishing it. I pulled her into a hug, and let my hands stray down to hold her by her ass.

I looked at Lynette then. She was still watching, expressionless. So I said to Raylene, “I’ve put your desk out for you in the middle of the room.” I looked into her eyes to make sure she was listening. “You’re a good girl for fetching those two canes. That’s well done.”

“Thank you, sir.” Raylene looked at the carpet again, as piously good as a submissive can be. But the praise made her smile, happily blushing, anyway. 

“I want you to put the canes, both of them, on the left side of the desk. And I want you to stand facing the desk and wait for me. I’ll be up shortly.”

Raylene said, “Do I take off my t-shirt, sir?”

standing spankedLynette looked alarmed. She knew what was coming. I held Raylene’s waist and smacked her bottom again, six spanks medium loud, while Raylene drummed the floor with her feet. It seemed, from Lynette’s expression, that it was as bad as she’d expected. Though this time she watched Raylene with more obvious interest.

I said, “Raylene, I’ll tell you when its time to take the shirt off. Till then, just do as you’re told when I tell you. Is that understood? Do you understand?”

I kept spanking Raylene throughout that speech, and Raylene’s gasped “Yes, sir!” had a faltering, almost panicked, quality.

“And after I’ve caned you, we’re going to discuss this morning. Before we put those two canes away.”

Raylene looked shocked. Maybe she was. Anyway, I pointed her at the door, still using her hair as my handle. I pushed her forward.

“Go! I’ll be up to see you in a few minutes.”

Raylene scrambled to the door, tugging her t-shirt back down. So Lynette and I were left. She folded her arms across her breasts and frowned, studying me.

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