Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 82: Raylene fetches the cane, I fetch her sister 3

Dorabella had asked me if I was going to fuck her. As if it was my fault that we hadn’t fucked in the last couple of years, though that was because she’d been turning me down. I’d replied, “I’m definitely not going to fuck you tonight.”

Dorabella smiled triumphantly, then quickly repressed that. I’d just conceded the important issue. She was happy enough with that. She wasn’t going to gloat.

In bdsm reverse cowgirl, it's the horse who flogs the rider. And Bellie was right: I'd already made plans for Raylene's and my first night. Ki-yi-yippy-yay

In bdsm reverse cowgirl, it’s the horse who flogs the rider. And Bellie was right: I’d already made plans for Raylene’s and my first night. Ki-yi-yippy-yay

“Yeah. It’ll be you and Raylene’s first night together. I mean, in the sense that tonight you’ll actually be expecting to go to bed together. You can make plans for it. Don’t you think that’s different?”

I tilted my head to one side, then straightened it again: maybe. Bellie ignored that. “Anyway, Raylene will want you to look after her tonight. She’ll expect you to do this caning thing hard, you do know that?” 

I said, “Ummmm.” I’d been thinking that I’d take it pretty easy, since it was Raylene’s first caning. But Bellie sounded as though she was, again, giving me inside knowledge. Sisters talk sister-talk, sometimes. “What makes you say – ?”

Nellie's belly. Her cunt, just out of shot here (I don't do gratuitous cunt pics), was shaved, waxed and very yummy.

Bellie’s belly. Her cunt, just out of shot here (I’d never run a gratuitous cunt pic!), was shaved, waxed and very yummy.

But I shut up because Dorabella pushed the sheet completely away, allowing me to note that she still shaved, plucked and waxed, and got out of bed. I’d seen her body before, and I knew what she felt like.

I didn’t need to step up, put my hand on her ass and kiss her mouth, and, because the kiss was going well, put my other hand on her ass too. There was no need for that at all.

Bellie put her arms around me and we rocked together with more affection than lust, at that moment. It was a close thing: lust and affection were both there, for both of us. This time it was Dorabella who stepped back. “I’d better get Lynette, hadn’t I?”

“Yeah. Do you think she’s really going to want to watch, well, Raylene get caned?”

She turned and picked up her robe. The robe had green dragons. “I don’t know. She might think it’s terrible. She might think it’s hot. Me, I think it’s both.” She turned to face me again, not naked any more. “Oh! So where’s my invitation?”

“I didn’t think you’d want to be there.” She seemed puzzled by that. Oh well. “Of course you’re invited.” 

“Well, thank you. I think I should be there.”

Unknown-2She’d just told me I should cane Raylene hard, so she couldn’t be intending to protect her sister’s poor abused bottom. I wasn’t sure how her presence would affect things. But I nodded at her as if it went without saying that she’d be there.

She frowned, thinking. “But Lynette, I don’t know. It’s possible she’ll just think the whole thing is appalling. I don’t know.”

I said nothing. Bellie smiled again. “If she’s horrified I’ll just blame you.” 

“Of course. Fine.” That was sarcasm, but it didn’t make any difference. I heard the shower turn off. Raylene would be putting her tee-shirt on again. Bellie put her hand into Raylene’s robe and held my cock, still slippery with her sister.

Now that it was settled that we were going to fuck, though not this day, I didn’t take her hand away. She stroked the underside: my cock started to lift and give her better access. She said, “For luck.”

She smiled down at the penis in her hand as if she were watching a kitten playing, while it took on blood and showed more signs of interest. Then she let go. 

faceI whacked her arse, through her robe. That felt good and, surprisingly, it was new, between us. So I smacked her again, a little harder. Definitely good. I wasn’t sure what Bellie’s reaction was going to be, but I forestalled it. “Go. Talk to Lynette.”

“Don’t assume you can give me orders, Jaime. Well, maybe except that one.” I let her see me raise my hand again. She made an air kiss, and then she was gone. 

The room seemed suddenly empty. I said, “Hmmmmm.”

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